Be Real

My wife and I ate lunch at Cici’s pizza today. It never fails that every time we go there someone on the staff is speaking in a fake Italian accent. I’m not sure why. Maybe they think it will provide for a better experience. I prefer people to be real and transparent.

I think churches can be in danger of the same thing. If people, especially church staff, put on a fake persona of their real personalities we will lose the community and accountability that church is about. Let’s all strive to be real with one another.

I promise you Mr. Cici’s manager, the pizza will be just as good without you yelling, “Pepperoni-ah pizza pie-ah,” every two minutes. The same goes for your church, Bro. Pastor.



  1. Feeling that way right now. Don’t want to put on that fake persona but the day in and out of each Sunday is my responsibility. Need to find others who can be me. My life is in chaos and needs to change before it all falls out from underneath me.

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