Media Resource for Families

As a children’s minister, I hear first hand what children are interested in. The latest video games, singers, movies, and celebrities are among the buzz and chatter each and every Sunday in a church gathering. For parents and guardians, who are committed to raising their children in the ways of God, it sometimes seems like an impossibility to find any help when it comes to knowing what is coming out of those ear buds plugged into your child’s iPod. There are many mixed messages when it comes to what you should let your children take in, but only you can decide. A great resources I have found for parents is a website called Plugged In Online.

Found at, the website features reviews for many new and old media releases including movies, music, videos, games, and TV shows. With so many voices coming at children today from the media, parents must filter and know what their children are absorbing from the culture. Children are highly influenced by the media and pop culture that we must make sure they are taking in positive information.

Plugged In Online is a resource from Focus on the Family, an organization committed to helping parents raise biblical and godly children. The website greatly helps parents do this by providing not only secular type reviews, but they also include spiritual emphasis. The website includes using God’s name in vain as a curse word and it also lists the spiritual emphasis and implications that suggestive scenes in a movie/TV show could cause.

It is a parent’s responsibility to be the primary influencer of their children, especially when it comes to raising them biblically. Parents must make certain that what they allow their children to listen to and watch is not sending mixed signals and messages which conflict to the teachings of Jesus. It may seem like an impossibility to cut out all “negative influences,” but when it comes to at least knowing what your child is absorbing, Plugged In Online comes in handy.



  1. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your blog post today! Several of my children’s ministry students’ parents have recently begun asking me for recommendations when it comes to various resources, and so I’ve started to compile a list to give them. And, believe it or not, this is the first I’m hearing of Plugged In Online! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great resource.

    As children’s leaders we also must challenge our parents to not only monitor the content but also the when, where, why. Studies are showing that technology is changing the way kids think – and not for the good. Thus the amount of time spent using technology must be monitored.

    Here are a couple of links that give you links to some of the studies.

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