Take Care of It!

Being from Kentucky, I am a huge basketball fan. I think it is born in us. As a child you come out of the womb, get cleaned up, and the doctor tucks a small basketball under your arm. Kentuckians love the game. I went to a high school game tonight and as usual, the hype was nothing less than ecstatic. Fans screaming, the band blasting rhythmic songs, cheerleaders chanting, the squeaks of shoes, and the bounce of the ball filled the gym.

I remember one particular moment when the home team turned the ball over. The point guard made a lazy pass and the ball rolled out of bounds. The coach then yelled at the player, “If you won’t take care of it (the ball), I’ll get someone else in there who will!” As a player, I can imagine these words boosting his concentration like fuel to a fire.

This same principle could be applied to ministry. Ministers are given a responsibility to take care of God’s children and lead them to a closer walk with Him. Our prayers should be that we would not take that duty lightly and that we would “take care of it.” If we won’t do it, He will get someone else who will.


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