5 KIDMIN Resources You May Not Have Seen

I Love Kids Church is a website, powered by the Church Ninja, full of children’s ministry ideas and tips. They also have resources on their site that goes beyond Kids Church use.

Articles from your favorite KIDMIN leaders, all in one place.

Wholly Kids from LifeWay
NEW!!! Wholly Kids is an easy-to-read book full of fun illustrations and details about how kids learn. A handy book to give to parents and volunteers in your kids ministry, too.

All Together Now (Volume 1)
NEW!!! Life-Changing Adventures for Kindergarten Through 6th Grade. Bring the book of Exodus to life in a way that engages kids ages 4 through 12–even when they’re all in the same room.

This one isn’t all that new, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t that well-known. This website is a GREAT resource if you do large group games and have a projector or TV with a computer in your large group setting. Their scorekeeper app, FREE countdown app, and Spin-that-wheel game will give you tons of new game ideas and options for your large group time!


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