5 KIDMIN Resources I Can’t Live Without

As the title says, here are 5 KIDMIN resources I can’t live without (in no particular order):

Children’s Ministry Magazine

Published by Group, this magazine is not only full of helpful articles from children’s ministry leaders across the world, but it also keeps you up-to-date on the latest resources that are available.



WorshipHouse Kids

This website from WorshipHouse Media is a kids-only media site. I get all kinds of stuff from the site- like music videos, countdowns, and video shorts to go along with our topic of the day.
*TIP* If you are interested in a video on there, make sure you know who produced the video and check the production company’s website before you buy on WorshipHouse Media. I have found that some videos are less expensive when you buy directly from the company who produced it.

“I’m a Christian Now” workbook

I have been using “I’m a Christian Now” for years and love it. “I’m a Christian Now” comes in versions for older and younger children. There is leader material available to teach with this book in a classroom setting. I highly recommend “I’m a Christian Now” to anyone in need of a children’s resource for new Christians. Its diversity as a workbook for parents and children to do together at home or as homework for a class makes it a perfect solution for any church.
*TIP* I wrote a post yesterday comparing this workbook to another popular “new believer” workbook. Read that post here.


On Sunday mornings, we try to make our children’s area exciting and energetic. One way we do this is by playing background music over our sound system as the children arrive. Spotify is a program that you download onto your computer and it gives you access to all the latest music by practically any artist you can think of. You can even find the newest music on Spotify (TobyMac’s latest album was available on Spotify, the day it released). They have 3 different pricing tiers depending upon your needs: Free- 20 hours of music per week with ads; $5/mo.- Unlimited, ad-free music streaming; $10/mo.- Unlimited, ad-free music streaming, plus streaming on your mobile device.
*TIP* We were using the Free plan but upgraded to $5/mo. after racing back to the computer to turn down the ads.


This may be a no-brainer to people in the Twitter world, but if you don’t know about it, searching the hashtag #KIDMIN on Twitter will give you a list of the latest tweets about children’s ministry, including links to daily blog posts!
*TIP* Join the KIDMIN social network by adding #KIDMIN to the end of your tweets that are related to children’s ministry. Oh…and follow me on Twitter :) @gjfarmer21.

I asked people on Twitter to tell me their favorite KIDMIN resource. Here are some replies:

@jenand4boys– my favorite free resource…http://seeds.churchonthemove.com/ … Tons of creative ideas from them…love their children’s blogs!

@RicardoMiller1– My favorite #KIDMIN resource is our Planning Center, it make my job so much easier. ~http://www.PlanningCenterOnline.com

So what’s your favorite resource? Add it to the comment section, below!


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