3 KIDMIN Twists on Familiar Family Games

Who doesn’t love a great family board game? But what’s even better is taking a classic game and converting for a large group, children’s ministry setting and perhaps being able to teach with it! Here are 3 KIDMIN variations to games you probably are already familiar with, all of which have been tested and approved:

Click on any of the titles to be directed to a website where you can purchase the toys.

1. Toss Across Review Game

Toss Across is a tic-tac-toe meets bean-bag toss game that is designed for families to play together. You can alter the game method to fit a large group by splitting the group into 2 teams. Assign 1 team to X’s and the other to O’s. Call 1 person from each team to the front of the group then ask a review question. Whoever gets the question right first gets a chance to toss a bean-bag for their team. The exciting part about this game is that one team can answer all the questions right but the other can end up winning, simply because of the way the bean-bags are tossed.



2. My First Rubik’s Cube Challenge

This one sounds silly, but place this toddler toy in front of a child, give them 1 minute to solve it, and you have a very challenging game (I’ve tried it myself). If the puzzle cannot be solved in 1 minute, the child who gets the closest wins.



3. A Twist on Twister

Hang up the Twister mat horizontally on a wall or from the ceiling (with the same colors running left to right, green row on top). At the top of each column (there should be 6 columns with the colors green, yellow, blue, and red going down) write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on it with a Sharpie, 1 number above each column. On a sheet of paper, write out 6 categories of review or trivia questions, 1 for each number above the columns. Within each category, write 4 questions to represent the 4 colors under each category. Tell the children that the colors under each category represent how difficult the question is (green- easy 1 point, yellow- a little hard 2 points, blue- hard 3 points, red- very hard 4 points). After you divide the class up into 2 teams, call 1 person up and give them a Nerf gun. Let them shoot the dart or arrow at the mat. Whichever dot they get the closest to represents the question they will answer. Once the question has been asked, mark out the question on your sheet of paper. If someone shoots the same spot on the board, pick the next closest spot for a question that hasn’t been asked. Keep playing until a certain score is reached or until you have used all the spaces on the board.


Perhaps you can think of a KIDMIN twist for a game similar to these or maybe you can think of an alteration that would make one of these games better! Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section!


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