Weird, Strange, and Creepy Stories from the Bible- Lesson Series

Used BibleThis brief outline of a 4 week lesson series (just in time for Halloween) will hopefully get  your creative juices flowing to provide a great month of Halloween-themed lessons for your kids!

Week 1
Moses and the Deadly Snakes
God saves Israelites from deadly snakes- Numbers 21:4-9, John 3:14-15
Main point: Just like God saved people from the snake bites, Jesus can save us from our sins.

Week 2
Ezekiel and the Valley of Skeletons
God makes dry bones come to life- Ezekiel 37:1-14
Main point: Just like God brought the dry bones back to life, God can take bad situations and turn them into good.

Week 3
Daniel and the Mysterious Hand
Daniel interprets the writing on the wall- Daniel 5
Main point: We must be careful not to become prideful.

Week 4
Earthquakes and the Living Dead
Many signs during Jesus’ death showed that he was the Son of God- Matthew 27:32-54
Main point: The signs at Jesus’ death caused people to believe Jesus was the Son of God, just as he said. Since we know these things and that he rose from the dead, we also should believe what he said.


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