Why You Should Go To a Children’s Ministry Conference

So you want to know why you should go to a conference? Here are my top 3 reasons.

1. Amazing speakers and teachers.

You may have bought books on children’s ministry, been reading blogs and listening to podcasts, but all of the people you are reading and/or listening to are probably at that children’s ministry conference you’ve been debating on attending. Children’s ministry conferences are such great places to learn! I have been to over 10 different conferences about children’s ministry and I can honestly say that I’ve benefited in some way from every one of them. The information you collect in such a short amount of time is honestly like drinking from a firehose. It’s overwhelming.

2. Awesome resources.

We’ve all done it. You sit in your work area and flip through a resource catalog or browse a resource website and wonder if the items you are looking at will actually work for your particular ministry. Is it really as cool as they are making it out to be? Can you use it straight out of the box? Is it made out of cheap plastic? Well you can keep on wondering OR you can go to a conference and hold, see, and experience those resources for yourself in person! Not only that but almost all resource companies will have helpful people there who are ready to answer any questions you have about their products, and not to mention the great conference discounts that you will get on select resources!

3. Networking opportunities.

Children’s ministry can sometimes be lonely work. With so few people in our communities who are in our field it is often hard to build relationships and connect with those who are “in the trenches” with you. A conference is a perfect place to do just that. I have met many people at conferences that I am still in contact with. I have also met many people there whom I have talked to for a long time online, but had never in person. You will find the connections that you make at a conference uplifting and encouraging. These connections can become a lifetime support network for you and your ministry.


I will be attending Group’s KidMin Conference this weekend in Chicago. Contact me via any of the social networks under the “Social” button on the top menu, or by clicking the “Contact” button and let me know if you will be there too. I would love to connect with you and hear how your ministry is going!

Which conferences have you been to and loved? Why did you love it? What is your favorite thing about children’s ministry conferences? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section!


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