Things I Learned About the KidMin Conference Before It Started

Today marks the beginning of the second annual KidMin Conference, which is put on by Group. This is my second time attending, but my first time leading anything at the conference. Last night all of the leaders had dinner and talked about some of the goals of the conference. Christine Yount Jones shared with us the vision behind the KidMin Conference and a little bit about what all goes into the production. From that behind-the-scenes conversation, I learned 3 things about the conference that I think everyone should know.

1. The KidMin Conference is truly unique.

At this conference, Group strives to give everyone what they desire that the other conferences tend to leave out. They don’t put items on the agenda because all the other conferences do. One of the amazing facets about the conference planning is that they try to be very intentional about relationships. When you are at the conference, an environment is created to make you feel like you are at a family reunion, not at a conference full of strangers. Much thought and consideration are given to every aspect of the KidMin Conference to make sure that everyone leaves wanting more.

2. Everyone involved with the KidMin Conference has a heart for children’s ministry leaders.

When they are designing the itinerary for the conference, they do so with you, the children’s ministry leader, in mind. Group wants people to be able to connect with that favorite author, blogger, or Tweeter and gives you time to do so. Because every ministry and minister are different, they allow you to customize your daily schedule to fit your specific needs. The KidMin Conference is about Jesus first, and the children’s ministry leader second.

3. The KidMin Conference is life-changing.

Last night at the dinner, a lady (who is now a volunteer at the conference) shared about her KidMin Conference experience from last year. She explained to us how it totally changed her life. She was in a place where she didn’t know how or where God was directing her life and she decided to come to the conference. Some of the leaders of the conference connected with her and took her out to dinner, without even knowing who she was. The advice and prayers that they gave her helped her through her time of need and gave her hope during a dark time. She wasn’t the only story of life-change. I heard at least 2 more similar stories during the brief time that it was discussed.


I really enjoy attending all of the different conferences and personally think you should go to as many as possible. But, if you are looking for a conference that is intentional about its mission and strives to be different from the status quo, the Group KidMin Conference is a must!

What conferences have you been to and what did you really like about them? What should someone going to a conference for the first time expect to take away? Do you have any pro-tips for conference goers?


If you are at the KidMin Conference and are in your 1st 2 years of children’s ministry, I would love for you to hang out in our Connect Group! And be sure to use the hashtag #KidMin12 when you tweet!


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