You Might be a KIDMIN Leader if…

kidminleaderI recently posted a discussion thread on asking children’s ministry leaders to give me their best/funniest answers to the phrase “You might be a KIDMIN Leader if…” Here were their responses:


Jeff Childs: “…you use the term ‘big church.'”

Michael Chanley: “…your vision for what happens in a child’s life begins in the nursery and ends in a spiritually mature disciple-making adult believer.”

Patricia Williams: “…you wear weird and wonderful costumes to church and don’t mind the strange looks you get because you know you’ll be making a memorable teaching moment with little people.”

Tom Bump: “…you watch Disney and Nickelodeon for ‘Research!'”

Joni Lum: “…you GO to Disneyland for ‘Research.'”

Sarah Bundy: “…playdough, markers, and helium tanks are found in your office.”

Stacy Marks: “…you have a budget line for Baskin Robbins trips.”

Mark Harris: “…you KNOW that on Sunday mornings there is a fine line between grace and caffeine!!!”

Sarah Bundy: “…costumes mysteriously make it into your laundry hamper.”

Kim Botto: “…you prefer the ‘kid table’ at family holiday meals.”

Wanda Parker: “… when everyone else is excited because summer is coming and they are going to be able to lay back – you are headed into the busiest time of your year.”


Which 1 do you like best? Maybe you can think of one to add! Leave your comments/replies in the comment section!


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