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If you have ever been into the children’s section of any Christian book store you’ve probably seen the Adventure Bible. Full of great resources, charts, and pictures along with an easy to read translation for kids (NIV), it makes it one of the best Bibles for kids out there. In fact, it’s the one we use in all of our classrooms at my church.

I was contact recently by a fellow KIDMIN friend, Amy Dolan. She was telling me about an exciting new website for kids from the Adventure Bible. When I heard this, I knew I had to check it out. When you visit, your browser begins to prepare you for an interactive adventure into God’s Word. Home Page Home Page

The site has loads of Bible resources, interactive games, and printable/downloadable activities all for kids, many of which you can use in any church classroom setting.

Interactive Game

Interactive Game Screen Shot


A Second Screen Shot of a Game

A Second Screen Shot of a Game


So now I know what you’re probably thinking…possibly the same thing I was. The site looks great, but it’s mostly just for kids who have the Adventure Bible. However, this site goes so much further than that! If you sign up as an “educator” you get access to many more features specifically for people who teach children!

Check out this brief video, highlighting all the features that you will want to use in your children’s ministry:

So click on over to and explore it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!


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