CPC East 2014 Recap and Notes – General Session 1

2014-01-15 18.54.39

Night 1 of CPC East 2014 kicked off with a powerful worship set from Jared Anderson, accompanied by children from a local Orlando church.


2014-01-15 19.28.19Yancy then took the stage and totally rocked it, providing everyone with a sneak peek of music from this year’s Standard Publishing VBS curriculum.


Photo courtesy of @PastorBrettOwen.

Photo courtesy of @PastorBrettOwen.

Harvey Carey delivered an inspiring message, challenging everyone to “walk and not limp.” Here are notes from his talk:

Title: Learning to Lead While Limping
Text: Luke 17:11-17

– We’ve been given the charge to give the Word of God to the next generation. Not programs, events, or shows but Truth.
– How does a leader lead when he doesn’t feel qualified?
        * We project that things are well but many are burnt out and don’t feel qualified.
– Jesus chose to travel in places where others didn’t go.
        * Jesus chose to travel through Samaria (the “half-breeds”, the “outcasts”).
        * This is often where God shows up.
        * Jesus chose to be around diseased men (leprosy- made them unclean ceremonially).
        * When Jesus showed up, they forgot “protocol.”  They cried out to Jesus for mercy.
        * Children’s ministry is unbelievably difficult.
                + It is often under-resourced, under-valued, and under-appreciated.
                + When you get in a difficult situation, cry-out to Jesus like the lepers.
                + God hears when you cry-out.
                + God is the only catalyst to fuel ministry.
– Jesus told the lepers to show themselves to the priests.
        * This was an act of going to be declared clean.
        * They were still diseased but went in obedience, when it didn’t make sense.
        * What do you do when God asks you to do something that doesn’t make sense?
                + God sometimes calls us to do things and go places, even when we don’t think we are ready.
                + Even in your own weaknesses and feelings of doubt, God has uniquely called you to use your gifts and not be a cookie cutter of another ministry or program.
        * God calls us to go, even if we don’t feel able.
                + As we do what God has called us to do, God will give us the power (once we obey).
        * As they went, they were cleansed.
                + Can you imagine pursuing your calling and being able to continue, despite your difficulties?
– One leper (a Samaritan) thanked Jesus.
        * It is implied that at least some of the others were not Samaritans.
        * We need to thank God for empowering us to do the ministry He has called us to do.
        * The more you think, the more you thank.
                + We have a lot to be thankful for, even with our struggles.
                + God has uniquely gifted you for ministry.
        * 10 lepers were healed, but only one was made whole, because he had an attitude of thankfulness.
        * If you give in to what others think of children’s ministry, rather than what God thinks, you will keep limping. But if you really believe what God says about children, you will walk and not limp. 


2014-01-15 14.50.54It was a great first night, and to top it off, I took a photo with some of our other children’s ministry team and George W. Bush. Well, sort of.

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