CPC 2014 Breakout Session 1 Notes

Speaker: Michelle Anthony
Title: Resourcing Your Parents to Be Spiritual Leaders
“The church must assume the role as a training ground for parents to be the soul doctors for their children…in order to bring spiritual healoing. Parents must learn how to really be present with their children and to create space for contemplation and reflection in their homes.” – Holly Allen
  • Spiritual development is not something parents can delegate.
    • Parents must see their child’s spiritual development as relevant.
    • We are incapable of wakening someone’s heart.
    • We must pray for parents, because only God can show them the importance.
A. Empowered Families
  • Parents are the primary nurturers of their children’s faith; the faith community plays a supportive role in this endeavor; and the Holy Spirit is the One who works when and as He chooses in the life of a child.
  • We will equip and disciple parents with the same intentionality that we have equipped and trained our volunteers in the past.
  • We will become a family of families where every member plays a role in the spiritual nurture of the children in the community.
  1. Parents as Primary
    1. Take Home vs. Pre-Teach Resources
      1. With take home resources, we are asking parents to support us.
      2. With pre-teach resources, we are supporting parents.
    2. Faith Classes
      1. Every child comes to a faith class with someone who cares about them (parent, grandparent, etc.)
      2. Parent has an opportunity to share their faith journey with their child.
    3. Child Dedications
      1. Child dedications can seem meaningless because we go through them so quickly without meaning.
      2. Instead, possibly hold a parenting class.
    4. Giving A Blessing
      1. Teach parents to be a blessing to their children.
      2. Speak words of blessing to the parents and empower them to do the same to their children.
    5. Family Commitment Card
      1. Engage in times of prayer and BIble devotions together.
      2. Be more consistent in church attendance.
      3. Get involved in service projects and foster an attitude of serving.
      4. Share stories of what God is doing in our family.
      5. Set an example of spiritual leadership for our kids.
  2. Same Intentionality
    1. Parent Orientation
      1. Inform parents how they will be held accountable and what’s expected of them.
    2. Spiritual Parenting Classes
      1. Not only require it for parents dedicating children, but offer it to anyone who wants to come.
      2. Showed parents they were not first in charge, but that God was.
    3. Family Night Experiences
      1. Challenge parents that instead of coming to a mid-week service, have “family nights” at their homes instead.
      2. HomeFront Digital Magazine- free resource for families
  3. A Family of Families
    1. As a faith community, we must come alongside children to help raise them spiritually.
    2. Let’s consider “spiritually parentless” kids and the church’s response to them.

B. Looking Back (what worked and what didn’t)

  1. Family Nights
    1. A chance for faith to be formed.
  2. On Mission
    1. A chance for faith in action.
    2. Allows children to grow even more in their faith.
  3. Modeling
    1. A chance for faith to be understood.

C. Ministry Assessment

  1. What’s that one thing you can do as an action step in your ministry to equip your parents?
    1. Our words must be the same as our actions.

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