CPC 2014 Breakout Session 2 Notes

Speakers: Jim Wideman & Reggie Joiner
Title: Exposing Half-Truths: The Strategy Wars
  • There are many competing voices about discipleship strategies.
  • A half-truth is any truth that once divorced from the original truth, loses it’s meaning.
    • Our tendency is to lean to one half-truth or another instead of accepting both as truth.
    • Tension makes a difference and it’s important to keep the tension between the 2 truths.
    • Any coin that has one side is a counterfit. If you only have one side of the truth, its a counterfit.
  • There is tension between the home and church as spiritual leadership.
    • Is it the home?
    • Is it the church?
    • Is it both?
  • Parents and Leaders both are responsible for leadership, but the leaders are responsibile for the tension.
    • 2 combined influences have greater tension (strength) than 2 influences that are separated.
  • Another tension is between ourselves as Shepherd vs. Leader.
    • Everything you need to learn about being a leader is not necessarily in the Bible.
    • All truth is not in the Bible, but the entire Bible is true. 
    • There are things we must learn from others about leadership.
    • 1 Peter 5 says to feed the flock of God as an overseer.
      • If you’re doing all the work, you’re not an overseer.
      • To be the leader you need to be, you must be a shepherd and a leader.
  • Strategy vs. Mission
    • Just because you have a mission doesn’t mean you have a successful strategy.
    • You will be successful at your mission because you have created a successful strategy.
    • You can’t have one without the other.
  • Ministry Area vs. Ministry Area
    • There is a tendency to think our ministry area is most important.
    • We tend to think our budget is most important.
    • When we create “Silos” in our ministry (ministries do not crossover or communicate) we create something that will be detrimental to the people in our church.
      • If others on your staff are creating silos, then you take the initiative to tear them down.
  • Insiders vs. Outsiders
    • Discipleship isn’t making people who believe in Jesus believe more in Jesus.
    • Discipleship is finding people who don’t follow Jesus and getting them to follow him.
    • When children are with leaders, they all come from different backgrounds and are all in different places, but they all matter.
      • Help them take the next step, whatever that is for them.
    • The only difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is Jesus.
      • God’s message is life-changing for everyone and can be applied to each situation.
    • We must be looking to reach insiders and outsiders.
      • It takes more intention to reach outsiders because they aren’t there (we don’t see them all the time).

Questions to ask:

  1. Which one of these sides is my church swinging the pendulum toward?
  2. Which one does my ministry swing toward?
  3. Which one do I swing toward?
  • Surround yourself with the right kind of people who are smart enough to ask difficult questions, are open-minded about strategy, and can help you view both sides of the tension.
  • Creative tension is healthy and will make the difference in your ministry if you value it correctly.

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