CPC 2014 Breakout Session 3 Notes

Speaker: Dale Hudson
Title: Multi-Site Children’s Ministry
History of multi-site:
  • 1990- 10 multi-site churches
  • 1998- about 100
  • Late 2005- more than 1,500
  • Mid 2008- estimated 2,000
  • Currently over 5,000
  • Multi-site churches have over a 90% success rate.
  • 40% of campuses are 15 mins. or less away.
1. Three Models of Multi-Site.
  • The Disney World Model- a different style at each campus (ex: Different parks at Disney)
    • Benefits
      • Freedom for creative people to use gifts
      • Can customize to fit culture
    • Challenges
      • Reproducing work
      • Can lead to misalignment
      • Can lead to unhealthy competition
  • The Licensee Model- alignment with contextual freedom (ex: McDonald’s menu items in different countries)
    • Benefits
      • Alignment with some freedom to customize
      • Creative people can use their gifts
    • Challenges
      • Can lead to misalignment
      • Must be intentional about controlling quality and content
  • The Franchise Model- radical alignment (ex: Subway restaurants are all alike)
    • Benefits
      • Same experience at each campus
      • Can align conent of lessons
      • Collaboration and team work
    • Challenges
      • Must find people who can align
      • Must have buy-in from campuses
      • Campuses not feeling like they have say or input

Work with your church leadership to decide which model will work best for your church.

  1. What is the overall church vision for this campus?
  2. How can the children’s ministry help fulfill this vision?
  3. What do you want the focus of the children’s ministry to be at this campus?
  4. What would be some wins for the children’s ministry at this campus?
  5. Where would you like to see the children’s ministry be a year after the launch?
2. Budget Models
  • Big Bucket (one budget for all)
  • Little Buckets (each campus has own budget)
  • Big and Little Bucket (budget for items that will be used for all campuses and each campus has own budget)

3. Staffing

  • 1 Full-time staff for every 100-125 kids
  • Hiring order
    • Director
    • Preschool/Elementary person, depending on need
  • Consider hiring from within because they already have the DNA of your church

4. Volunteers

  • Look for people who live in that area to begin to train to volunteer at the new campus
  • Ask for a year commitment at the new campus

5. Keys to Thriving in Multi-Site Children’s Ministry

  • Unity
    • Psalm 133:1; John 13:35; John 17:21
    • Ways to bring unity
      • Talk we, not they
      • Dream together
      • Plan together
      • Do a combined event at least once a year
      • Get campuses praying for each other
      • Keep everyone’s focus on the vision
      • Help everyone see the big picture
      • Practice direct communication
  • Structure
    • 2 teams: Core and Campus
    • Core Team Tasks
      • Not at a specific campus
      • Policy development
      • Staff development
      • Curriculum development
      • Events development
      • Future campus development
    • Campus Team Tasks
      • At a sepcific campus
      • Policy execution
      • Volunteer support, encouragement, resource, and serve campus teams
      • Curriculum execution
      • Events execution
      • Future campus execution
  • Collaborate
    • “The smartest person in the room is the room.”
  • Simplicity
    • You don’t have to do everything at the new campus that the main campus does.
    • Do a few things well
  • Distribution
    • Have a clear process in place for distributing materials
  • Training
    • One live training annually
    • Video training throughout the year
  • Evaluation
6. What to Expect
  • Stress- multi-site campuses will stress your church at its seams.
  • Shift in thinking- must begin thinking big picture.
  • Change- things will never be the same.
  • Campus hoppers- people will visit different campuses.
  • Reaching more people.

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