CPC 2014 Breakout Session 4 Notes

Speakers: Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller
Title: Disciplemaking at Home
  • 4 Components of Family Ministry
    • Powerful children’s programs
    • Equipping the parents
    • Getting families serving together in ministry
    • Helping parents be spiritual trainers at home
  • Equipping parents to pass faith on to children
    • Many parents know it is their responsibility but the only way they know how to do it is to let the children’s ministry teach their children.
  • Why it’s important for parents to pass the faith on to the children
    • Many children are leaving the faith
    • It’s biblical
    • Children need to see how their faith grows with them
    • Family is the place where faith is lived out, not just learned
    • Parents are always passing their faith to children, but it’s alway their version
  • How do you parents pass faith on to children?
    • Jesus’ Model
      • Jesus used life experiences and creativity
      • He taught in parables/stories
    • Deuteronomy 6 Model
      • Deuteronomy 6:6-9
      • Build realtionship
        • It is through relationship that values and faith are passed to children
      • Share Scripture
        • Talk about Bible passages with them
        • Children need to understand the Bible is exciting and relevant to them
      • Practice Faith
        • Live out faith with kids
  • What it looks like at home
    • “Family time”
      • One scheduled time + spontaneity
      • No fuss meal, theme song
      • Share a Biblical truth or Bible story
      • Ask “what is the lesson learned” to help children apply the truth
      • Do an activity
      • Review the lesson learned and pray
  • Ways to equip parents
    • Offer triaining meetings
    • Send out email tips
    • Suggest book resources
    • Communicate vision
    • Set up a facebook group
    • Conduct an event or special emphasis

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