CPC 2014 General Session 3 Notes

Speaker: Jedd Medefind
Title: Tangible Grace
  • Introduction
    • Our society is diseased with wrong messages, especially to children
      • Children learn young that the world is full of hollow claims
    • When claims become so hyperbolic, how do we show them that Jesus is real nourishment for the soul?
      • If our messages hinge on just being funny or entertaining, they will be short-lived and forgotten, just like the other advertising messages.
    • If we are to bear witness in a marketing age, we must make grace “touchable”
    • Jesus used this model and gave tangible object lessons and stories
  • One of the greatest ways to teach is to love the orphan.
    • This makes the gospel tangible like nothing else can do.
    • When Christians are loving the orphan they are setting forth a mirror of God’s character.
    • Loving orphans isn’t about us being rescuers. It’s about showing that we have been rescued.
    • When we know that God cares for the destitute child, we can believe that God cares for us.
  • When grace becomes touchable, it also becomes costly.
    • Abstract grace is easy physically and emotionally
    • Touchable grace is difficult physically and emotionally
    • This is why God gives us the church, the entire community is needed
  • The role of the children’s minister is to create an environment that is welcoming and serving to those in these situations.

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