CPC 2014 Breakout Session 6 Notes

Speaker: Craig Jutila
Title: Faith and the Modern Family: What Should I Feed My Time Starved Kids?
  • Introduction
    • Is raising a family today easier or harder than it was 20 years ago?
    • A big obstacle for families today is too many choices.
    • 5 things you need to feed your kids…
  • Feed them a healthy life pace.
    • Define your season
      • Know how much time you have
      • Know where you are in life
    • Work at work
      • There’s a difference between hardwork and overwork
    • End to end
      • Multitasking used to not be as easy because of limitations by technology
      • Multitasking hurts us long term.
    • No your boundaries
      • We must learn to say no to less important choices.
      • We tend to compare ourselves to others and what they are doing and feel like we aren’t living up to par.
      • Instead of making a “to-do” list, make a “to-stop-doing” list.
      • We shouldn’t expect everyone to be at everything we plan in ministry.
    • Simply Simplify
      • Screen your calls
      • Turn off cellphones
      • Get rid of home phone
      • Let voicemail answer
      • Answer email twice daily
      • Digitize everything
  • Feed them moments of rest
    • Many times we tend to always say yes to doing more things.
    • Do we need to focus more on doing less bad things or doing less good things?
    • 5 steps for moments of rest
      • Schedule it
      • Say no
      • Plan ahead
      • Don’t worry
      • Smarter not harder
  • Feed them uninterrupted time together
    • Ephesians 5:15-16
    • You must be intentional about planning time together that’s uninterrupted.
    • Do something that you enjoy doing. You don’t have to sit and stare at each other.
We ran out of time to cover all the points in this workshop. Download Craig’s notes from all of his CPC 2014 workshops here: http://www.whowillyouempower.com/cpc2014

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