CPC 2014 General Session 4 Notes

Speaker: Jeffery Reed
Kingdom Building in Children’s Ministry
  • We need to be kingdom building, not church building
  • We need to be developing kids that are culture thinking not culture shaped
    • We must teach kids to love others
    • Teach children to teach others to lead
    • Teach children to shake the culture
    • Teach parents that their kids belong to God
  • Bring it on, not take away
    • Heart transforming, not behavior modifying
    • Philippians 2:13
    • Instead of saying “act like this” we should be saying to kids “know Him more”
    • God wants leaders, but more than that, He wants a community of leaders that are focus on one purpose.
    • Our future leaders are in our hands
Speaker: Craig Johnson
The Importance of Networking
Reasons why people don’t network
  • Isolation
    • The more isolated we are the more we can limit the power of collaboration.
    • When you come together with other ideas, in agreement, a “symphony” takes place
    • If we let isolation set in, it separates us from letting us be what God wants us to be
    • Proverbs 15:22
    • A great children’s program is never usually developed by one person
  • Fear
    • We may be afraid someone won’t value our ideas
    • Fear of the other person not having time
    • Fear will stop you more than any other enemy could
    • Most resistance is not external, but internal
Reasons why you should network
  • When you are good to someone else in your “storm” it can help you out of it
    • Sometimes we face issues in our church that force us to reach out to others
    • Special needs is a growing need, but very few churches address that need
    • Networking can help address those needs
  • Change your environment
    • This helps us grow and develop in our leadership
    • The dream in your heart may be bigger than your environment
    • Don’t let your environment limit your potential.

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