Quotes from Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Ch. 1-3)

sach2005.inddTogether, my wife and I have been reading “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp. It is a very challenging book that I would highly recommend to all parents. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite quotes from chapters 1-3.

“The behavior a person exhibits is an expression of the overflow of the heart.”

“What your children say and do is a reflection of what is in their hearts.”

“A change in behavior that does not stem from a change in heart is not commendable; it is condemnable.”

“The profoundest issue is what happens in the heart. Your concern is to unmask your child’s sin, helping him to understand how it reflects a heart that has strayed. That leads to the cross of Christ.”

“All aspects of family living have a profound impact on the persons your children become.”

“The person your child becomes is a direct product of two things. The first is his life experience. The second is how he interacts with that experience.”

“Children are never passive receivers of shaping. Rather they are active responders.”

“You must do all that God has called you to do but the outcome is more complex than whether you have done the right things in the right way. Your children are responsible for the way they respond to your parenting.”

“Everyone is essentially religious. Children are worshipers. Either they worship Jehovah or idols. They are never neutral. Your children filter the experiences of life through a religious grid.”

“Parenting is not just providing good input. It is not creative a constructive home atmosphere and positive interaction between a child and his parent. There is another dimension. The child is interacting with the living God. He is either worshiping and serving and growing in understanding of the implications of who God is, or he is seeking to make sense of life without a relationship with God.”

Which quote do you find the most meaningful or challenging? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!



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