Quotes from Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Ch. 4-6)

sach2005.inddI have been enjoying re-reading “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp. It is a very challenging book that I would highly recommend to all parents. Previously I shared some quotes from chapters 1-3. Here are some of my favorites from chapters 4-6.

“The culture in which you live does not have a biblical understanding of authority.”

“When we allow our children to become independent decision makers we give them a false idea of liberty and a mistaken notion about freedom. Freedom is not found in autonomy, it is found in obedience. (Psalm 119:44-45).”

“Christian parents must clearly understand the nature of godly parenting and children must be trained that God calls them to obey always.”

“As a parent, you have authority because God calls you to be an authority in your child’s life.”

“When you direct, correct, or discipline, you are not acting out of your own will; you are acting on behalf of God…God has given you a duty to perform; therefore the endorsement of your child is not necessary.”

“Children will be good decision makers as they observe faithful parents modeling and instructing wise direction and decision making on their behalf.”

“If you are going to shepherd your children, you must understand what makes your children tick.”

“Being a parent means working in God’s behalf to provide direction for your children.”

“The righteous life that God desires is never the product of uncontrolled anger. Unholy human anger may teach your children to fear you. They may even behave better, but it will not bring about biblical righteousness.”

“Correction is not displaying your anger at their offenses; it is rather reminding them that their sinful behavior offends God.”

“If correction orbits around the parent who has been offended, then the focus will be venting anger or, perhaps, taking vengeance. The function is punitive. If, however, correction orbits around God as the one offended, then the focus is restoration. The function is remedial.”

“Discipline is an expression of love.”

“There are many passages that teach the need to shepherd, to train, to instruct, and to discipline your children. None of these passages has getting a child to pray the ‘sinner’s prayer’ as its focus.”

“It is possible to be well-educated and still not understand life.”

“If you teach them to use their abilities, aptitudes, talents, and intelligence to make their lives better, without reference to God, you turn them away from God.”

“The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever; therefore, your objective in every context must be to set a biblical worldview before your children.”

“Many families who always have time for team practice are unable to organize family life around regular times of family Bible reading and prayer. What values are taught? What values are taught when the Lord’s Day worship play second fiddle to baseball practice or a swim meet?”

“Athletic activities can be a valuable way of providing family unity and oneness.”

“Train your children to use occasions when hurt to learn how to love God and deepen their trust and confidence in him.”

“What your children need is spiritual nurture.”

“Repentance and faith are not acts performed one time to become a Christian. They are attitudes of the heart toward ourselves and our sin. Faith is not just the way to get saved; it is the lifeline of Christian living.”

“The name of the game is not daily family worship per se; it is knowing God. The end is knowing God. A means to employ in reaching that end is family worship.”

“Always remember that the goal of family worship is knowing God. When you lose sight of that goal, family worship becomes and empty ritual.”

“In a biblical vision, manners are an expression and application of the duty of loving my neighbor as myself.”

“You need to train your child to find in Christ the strength and power to work for God’s glory. Anything else is training him to think and act unbiblically.”

“If you faithfully hold out God’s standard, you are keeping before them the Law of God that is a schoolmaster to take them to Christ.”

Which quote do you find the most meaningful or challenging? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!


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