Easter Object Lesson for Preschoolers

Death aNd resurrection

Supplies needed: Two eggs and a bowl.*

Note: This may be a good opportunity to do a baking project with your children if you don’t want the eggs to go to waste!

Before doing this activity, hollow out one of the eggs without cracking the shell by blowing out the contents. Hide the holes in the eggshell from your children.

Talk to your kids about how Jesus was placed in a tomb after He died. When Mary and Mary Magdalene decided to visit His tomb, they expected to find Jesus lying there – but He wasn’t in the tomb because He had risen from the dead!

Use the eggs as an illustration of what the women expected to find in the tomb, and what theyactually found. As you tell the story, crack the eggs into the bowl, starting with the whole egg. See what kind of reactions you get after cracking the empty egg!

*You may want to test this activity before doing it with your kids!

Reposted from FocusontheFamily.ca. Find more object lessons and other parenting tips at their site!


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