#KIDMIN Resource Thursday- Illusionist Brett A. Myers, Pulse, Easy Riders

Here are three resources for this week that you may find valuable to your children’s ministry:


Illusionist Brett A. Myers

Brett A. Myers is an illusionist who has taken his talents around the world to share the gospel of Christ. Each year he brettmyersperforms over 140 shows that include army bases, theaters, colleges, conferences, corporations, and churches from coast to coast.

During his programs, you can expect him to make a real bowling ball magically appear on stage, visually restore a torn newspaper, levitate an antique table, cause sporadic weather changes, and much more.

He makes it very clear that what he does is an optical illusion and only God can do real miracles. He utilizes comedy, audience participation, and sleight of hand to establish credibility with the audience; so that he may then share with them his personal testimony and effectively present the gospel.

I have had Brett perform at my church on several occasions. He is extremely humble, yet incredibly talented. His program can be tailored to fit your specific event, without losing any impact of the performance or clarity of the gospel message. -GJ Farmer

Click here to find out more about Illusionist Brett A. Myers.



pulse-image_lgFrom managing the nuts and bolts of ministry to maintaining margin, Pulse brings the best in real-world wisdom, innovative ideas and leadership development for KidsMin professionals from trusted experts in the field.

In KidzMatter’s vanguard book release, the publishers of KidzMatter Magazine recruited 35-plus contributors to address critical topics, including classroom discipline, recruiting and mentoring volunteers, bi-vocational ministry, curriculum development and working with parents. In addition to practical advice, Pulse tackles crucial matters of spiritual and professional development, leadership growth and building a foundation for long-term ministry fruitfulness.

Click here to find out more about Pulse.


Easy Risers

Easy risers is a 4 in 1 seating system featuring an amphitheater, music risers, discussion centers and craft stations all in one product. The entire system sets up in seconds and stacks together easily with minimal effort in a minimal space. The amazing advantage of this product over chairs is the aspect of an elevated sight-line for each row, giving the audience an unobstructed view which greatly enhances attention span.

pic_2259Easy risers were designed by seasoned youth and children’s workers from their passion and desire to capture the attention of their listeners. Portability, stack ability and the multipurpose use of seating, music risers, discussion centers, craft stations are a quadruple bonus feature.

Easy Risers are made of aircraft Aluminum frames allowing the product to be light weight and an affordable alternative to chairs. Gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, libraries, music rooms are all perfect locations for Easy Risers.

Click here to find out more about Easy Risers.


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