Why Students Leave the Church

I found this quote on the Focus on the Family’s ministry, Plugged In, Facebook Page. I found it highly interesting because I have always heard statistics of how students are dropping out of the church after high school. I have never really heard anyone address why though, until now.

It’s been widely reported that a majority of young adults drop out of church in high school or college. (LifeWay Research puts the percentage at seven out of 10.) But there’s more to the story, it seems. Of those who stop attending, about two-thirds start again eventually. And Christianity Today’s Ed Stetzer adds that youth aren’t turning away from God as much as almost accidentally letting church slide. “In most cases, our surveys show a lack of intentionality in dropping out,” he writes. “Eighty percent of young people who dropped out of church said they did not plan to do so during high school. It’s not that most rejected the church. Our teenagers aren’t primarily leaving because they have significant disagreements with their theological upbringing or out of some sense of rebellion. For the most part, they simply lose track of the church and stop seeing it as important to their life.”


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