I’m at a New Church…Now What?!?!

Are you beginning a ministry at a new church? Consider these thoughts before beginning.

GJ Farmer's Blog

Thinking RFIDRegardless if you are a veteran children’s minister, at a new church, or a children’s ministry beginner, we have all asked the question, “Where do I start?” One of the most difficult tasks in children’s ministry is being at a new church and trying to figure out where to begin. Consider these three “steps” when getting your feet wet in a new ministry.

1. Observe the ministry.

When someone decides to become a runner, he or she doesn’t begin by buying shoes and signing up for a marathon. Runners must take the time to prepare, train, and grasp the foundational elements of running. Enrolling in a race without proper preparation would be ludicrous. One of the dangers in beginning in a new ministry is the temptation to take off running before you figure out the basics of it. Take some time to get to know your new church family and…

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